About Us

The Jersey Sky Devils, Inc. is a radio control aircraft hobby club (non-profit). We are also a member club of the Academy of Model Aeronautics,  Charter Club #1765.

1979 Fall

1979 Fall

The Jersey Sky Devils, IncClub was started in the early 1970’s and became an AMA Charter Club on February 27, 1990.
Our flying field is located at the Downstown Aero Corp. airport, off to the side of the main runway. Prospective members and spectators are welcome.  Access to the field is ONLY allowed from the Weymouth Rd. entrance (Club sign is posted there). This entrance road (dirt road) is on Weymouth Rd., between Brewster and Blue Bell Rd.  Please stay on the dirt road (do not drive on the grass runway!).  Flying guests will be required to have/show  a current AMA Membership card. NOTICE: if irrigation/watering pipe or hose is accross the road, DO NOT CROSS, except where a ramp is placed over the pipes.

We are a Recreation/Hobby Club involved in building and flying various types of Radio Controlled Aircraft. Powered aircraft types included are: glow fuel, gas, turbine, and electric planes, jets, helicopters, multi-rotor, and FPV type aircraft.  This club operates on private property with the permission of the business/land owner. There is an active airport and runway to the right of our flying strip. Privately owned planes, helicopters and crop dusters (yellow bi-planes) are housed in hangers, park on the field and regularly fly off of the main airport runway. Full scale aircraft may use the club’s field to take off & land, and low flybys do occur.  Even though there is a decent amount of farmland between the club’s field and the main runway & hangers, we must always be vigilant, flying with a buddy who can be a “spotter” is strongly recommended.


Club Membership Dues apply, currently $75/year. There is a one time $25 Admin fee.
Either an Academy of Model Aeronautics Membership is required or an Intro-Pilot Program membership (60 day program).
Flight Instruction is available.  Linked radios transmitters (“buddy-box”) between instructor & student are required while training. The club currently has several flight instructors and a trainer plane, a buddy-box system, and  glow starting equipment. New prospective members may fly the club trainer with the assistance of a designated Instructor. Spectators who have an interest in the hobby may fly the club trainer with an instructor. Contact a club officer to schedule an instructor. A purchase of fuel may be required.

Safety & General Information

All AMA flying and field operation Safety Rules must be followed. Safety rules are
posted on the pin box, also available on the AMA Web site, or contact Officers for
FAA NOTAM’s/TFR’s must be adhered to, NOTAM’s/TFR’s are posted on FAA web site and the AMA web site. (These are periods of flight restriction for events like the President visiting Philadelphia, etc.)