Flight Instruction

Student pilots should contact one of the below instructors to schedule a training time.  All training is done using a Buddy Box until the student is approved for solo flight.

Flight Instructors:

  • Bob Austino  (Head Flight Instructor)
  • Bert Armstrong
  • Bruce Cheeseman
  • Joe Curcio
  • Brian LaBree
  • Ed Langowski
  • Frank Mackie
  • Arnold Solof

Test for Fixed Wing Solo Flight Certification at Our Field

  1. Horizontal Figures of Eight  (both left and right)
  2. Three loops in a row  (from both left & right)
  3. Immelmann turn  (both left & right)
  4. Power on stall
  5. One roll (both left & right)
  6. Dead stick landing.
  7. Landing pattern approach (from both left & right)
  8. Take off and landing (from both left & right)

Trainer Plane List

Test For Flight Instructor Certification

  1. Using a buddy box, repeat the test for solo flight certification.
  2. The tester using the master control on the buddy box will simulate  a novice student pilot by destabilizing the flight randomly and suddenly 4 times during the above routine test maneuvers.  The testee must demonstrate the ability to consistently and  rapidly recover control of the plane.
  3. If part #2 is completed successfully, it will be repeated for 4 more random destabilizations with the testee using the buddy box master control.
  4. All of parts 1, 2, and 3 must be completed successfully to pass the test.